Vyclone is a video app like nothing you've ever seen. Vyclone automatically and intuitively syncs video taken on your phone with footage taken by others around the same happening. You just shoot something and upload; Vyclone does the rest. Within moments, Vyclone begins creating one seamless video with everyone’s content mixed together. So why take static photos or single videos by yourself when you can co-create for the bigger picture? Vyclone, now that’s really social media!



Jul 28, 2014
@ 6:45 am
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Here’s how to join in. 1. Download Vyclone. 2. Tap events in the side menu. 3. Click accept & dance. 4. Film your best dance moves. 5. Upload to Vyclone. We’ll review the vids and the best will be shown on next weeks episode of @danceonfox #sytycd #dance #puur #dancers #ballet #dancing #show #hiphop #instadance #danceshoes #choreography


Jul 18, 2014
@ 7:42 am

Split Second Video


We’re pleased to announce that Vyclone is one of the featured apps in the app store today in their “Split-Second Video" editorial. Very nice too. 

We like being featured in editorials, it makes us go all peacocky, our feathers are out and we’re parading around the grounds, in good company too. We’re happy to see that our friends over at #Horizon and #Cinematic are also featured. 

So don’t delay kids, get your phone out and go capture some of this glorious high definition summer’s day. We’d like to see what you’ve got. 


Jul 17, 2014
@ 11:31 am
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Check out http://bit.ly/vyclonesytycd to find out how to submit your dance and get involved. 

Check out http://bit.ly/vyclonesytycd to find out how to submit your dance and get involved. 


Jul 14, 2014
@ 8:46 am

Gavin Degraw on Vyclone

We’re pleased to announce that Gavin Degraw will be filming using Vyclone during his sold out show this evening at Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids.

Fans have been asked to film ‘Best I Ever Had’ using Vyclone. Before uploading and having their footage automatically cut together with other fans filming at the show. 


Jul 11, 2014
@ 6:29 am
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Check out Vyclone on SYTYCD

Vyclone’s big spotlight on So You Think You Can Dance, featuring user submitted dance videos by Vyclone users.

If you’d like your dance moves to have a chance to be featured on the next episode of So You Think You Can Dance, download the Vyclone app, click the sidebar button in the top left, tap events from the sidebar, and join in to record yourself dance! Within moments you’ll get back a video of you dancing with one of the shows all stars. Each week we’ll release a new dancer, a new song, and a new chance to have your moves seen on TV.

Listen to Nigel explain it here: bit.ly/vyclonesytycd

Show us your moves, and Happy Vycloning!


Jul 8, 2014
@ 8:33 pm

Vyclone’s Great Big Television Premiere With So You Think You Can Dance!

Wednesday July 9th is the night!  At 8 PM, or (7 PM for our central-time-zoned-spaced-fans), Cat Deeley, Nigel Lythgoe, and the whole So You Think You Can Dance team will be letting some of the talented fans of the show a chance to guest star!  Fans submitted videos of themselves dancing along with the song of the week, and the judge’s favorites will be presented on the show.  This awesome chance for fans is made possible by the magic of (drum roll please…)



Be sure to tune into the show to see if you made it on!  Even cooler, check out the “So You Think You Can Dance” event in Vyclone for this week’s new song.  Dance along, and you’ll get back an awesome video of you dancing with the stars along with a chance to make it on the show!

Listen to Nigel explain it in the link below.  Get ready to Vyclone, and join in the Dance Party!



Jul 2, 2014
@ 11:36 am

BIG NEWS! Vyclone teams up with So You Think You Can Dance

If you are in the United States, like to dance, and fancy getting on TV, we have great news! (If you are outside the US, carry on and keep calm and hopefully we’ll have something especially for you very soon!)

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve been hard at work over the past few months getting ready for a brand new campaign and we want YOU to be part of it. We’re working with So You Think You Can Dance to give viewers the opportunity to join in with the show. This is your chance to show the world your best dance moves. 

Here’s how to take part. Tap the events button in the app (that’s new and you can find it in the side menu), select SYTYCD and JOIN IN. The camera will open and when you hit record, music will play. You have 30 seconds to show the world what you’ve got. Vyclone will take your video and automatically mix it with dancers from the show. 

Nigel from the show explains it pretty well below;

We’re excited to see what you come up with - dance like you mean it. 

See more at http://bit.ly/vyclonesytycd

Keep it Vyclone.x


Jun 30, 2014
@ 12:55 pm

So You Think You Can Dance Top Ten Tips

Alright, you’ve made it here. You are probably excited to record your SYTYCD routine. We thought you’d like few handy pointers to get you started. Here’s our top 10.

10. Make sure you film in landscape - so turn your phone horizontally on it’s side - your video should look like it will work on TV.

9. Cover up all branding. We don’t want to see Nuke, Poma, Croacka-Cola or Heinekiln anywhere in the video. If you do include something that is branded you won’t make it on to the show.

8. Turn up your phone volume. We need to hear the music to sycn your video.

7. Record your routine in a well lit space. Make sure there is no glare and that you can see your face.

6. Keep your hand still when filming or use a tripod - these videos need to be amazing and the steadier your mix, the more chance people will love what you are doing!!

5. Make sure your video is fully uploaded before leaving the app. If it’s not you won’t get anything back.

4. Share, share, share. Get your video out there and get your friends liking it!! This is your chance to be on the big stage.

3. After submitting your routine you’ll get a few emails. Read these carefully as there are some important things you need to be aware of.

2. If you are on iphone or Windows phone you can remix the videos on the device. Just tap remix. Android users will need to visit the Vyclone website to make a remix.

1. Don’t forget to upload a profile picture when you sign up to Vyclone.



Jun 18, 2014
@ 10:20 am

Ada + Nik world first Vyclone Runway Video

This weekend we partnered with the fashion brand Ada + Nik who are pioneers of multi-platform creativity and marketing innovation. The opportunity was irresistible for us and we’re stoked with the outcome. 


May 14, 2014
@ 1:08 pm

Kiesza on Vyclone!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with the amazing Kiesza to create a fan generated version of her recent single ‘Hideaway’ 

By singing and dancing along to the song while filming with Vyclone your point of view will be mashed together with other fans around the world doing the same thing. We’re going for a record here. We want people in as many countries around the world as possible taking part. Here’s what you need to do to join in: 

1) Download Vyclone 

2) If you are using IOS you can tap the lipsync button in the camera on Vyclone. Then select Kiesza and done from the top. Hit record and the music will play while you film. 

If you are on Windows phone or Android simply play the song on your speakers and film yourself doing what you do best. 

3) Tag your video #Kiesza and upload. 

4) Once your video is uploaded we’ll auto generate a video mixed together with Kiesza’s video and other fans around the world. 

5) Share the video with your friends and get them to join in with the fun. 

We can’t wait to see your videos!


Apr 23, 2014
@ 1:16 pm

Vyclone Events

We’re pleased to announce the launch of phase 1 of Vyclone events. Vyclone events allows our users to create an event based on a time and location. This can be a gig, a wedding, a school play - you name it. Create your event at http://vyclone.com/events/list

Once your event is created share the page with your friends and invite them to download Vyclone to use during your event. Every video that is shot with Vyclone will be automatically hashtagged and added to your event page. You’ll also note that the hashtag will appear in the camera as you are filming. 

We’re working on some very cool features for phase 2 and should have an announcement in the coming weeks. Watch this space. 

If you want to know more, have questions or would like to trial phase 2 before anyone else then please email hello@vyclone.com 


Apr 17, 2014
@ 2:42 pm

Seinfeld Heartbleed

What’s the deal with the Heartbleed bug?  There’s no heart, there’s no blood!  [Cue laugh track].

It’s not that George Costanza is not good at anything – it’s that he is bad at everything.   He trusts his gut when it comes to decision-making, and has come to the sudden realization that every decision he has made in his life has been wrong.  Just look at his love life – every day he asks out the beautiful girl down the hall.  George’s daily calendar of rejection looks as follows:. 

Monday: “Would you like to grab dinner some time?”  The door slams in his face.

Tuesday: “Would you like to grab dinner some time?”  The door slams in his face.

Wednesday: “Would you like to grab dinner some time?” The door slams in his face.

Time and time again, George’s repetitive questioning yields the exact same result.  Let’s call this the Heartbeat.  After Jerry and Elaine urge George to do the exact opposite of whatever he thinks he should do, he works up the courage to ask her out one more time.

Thursday: “My name is George.  I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.  We should do dinner tonight.”  She instantly swoons for him, and they’re married within a month.

By slightly tweaking his response, George gets the girl: this is the Heartbleed.  Except instead of getting a girlfriend, the Heartbleed bug would result in someone gaining access to all your proprietary information, passwords, and private e-mails. 

Fret not though; Vyclone is one-hundred percent secure against the Heartbleed bug.  We’re awesome like that.  


Apr 17, 2014
@ 2:40 pm
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House of Cards

Francis Underwood here, but y’all can just call me Frank.  As House Majority Whip, I see people in one of two ways: those who understand the Heartbleed bug, and those who don’t.  It might seem like a lot of techno mumbo-jumbo, but don’t you worry.  If a good old boy like me can understand it, we can sure teach you a thing or two. 

Now Michael Kern was a fiery young man, hand picked by President Walker to be our next Secretary of State.  I’m afraid that didn’t exactly fall in line with my plans for ascension, so he had to go.  I politely asked, “Senator Kern, will you step down?” and he rejected me. 

I had my nosy little journalist Zoe ask,  “Senator Kern, will you step down?” 

Catherine Durant, next-in-line, asked him, “Senator Kern, will you step down?”

Let’s just call this reasonable repeated request the Heartbleed.  And each time Senator Kern refused to play – so we decided to take his ball away.

Representative Peter Russo did a little “investigative journalism”, and surprise, surprise, Michael Kern published some rather unsavoury articles in his youth.  The next time I walked into Michael Kern’s office, I slapped a copy of it on his desk and looked him square in the eye.  “Senator Kern, you will step down.”

That was all Lady Liberty wrote for Senator Kern’s political career.  All I needed to do to get the result I wanted was to tweak the question ever so slightly.  That’s the Heartbleed.  As for if I had anything to do with Russo’s investigating – You might very well think that.  I couldn’t possibly comment.  


Apr 14, 2014
@ 6:31 am
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Dragonball Z

My younger cousin is an avid anime fan, so I tried to have him describe an episode to me.  Halfway through I got rather bored and walked off, so forgive me if this Heartbleed analogy isn’t up to snuff.

Our hero is the legendary Super-Saiyin Goku, who must defeat the cruel alien galactic overlord Frieza, in order to get access to the final dragon ball which will allow him to make one wish.  To defeat Frieza, he must use his forbidden “Spirit Bomb Technique”, which requires him to send out a telekinetic message that says “Living souls of Earth…Lend me your energy”.  Goku gathers everyone’s energy  into a massive fireball which he launches at  Frieza… which is totally useless.  Uh-oh.

We can think of Goku’s call for energy as the Heartbeat.

Thinking fast, Goku slightly alters his telekinetic message.  He sends it out again, but this time he contacts all the “Living souls of Namek” – a much larger planet, obviously.  This time, Frieza is unable to resist the cumulative spirit energy and is banished to the death-realm.  With Frieza defeated, Goku gains access to the final hidden Dragon Ball. 

Goku’s slightly tweaked message is in essence the Heartbleed.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch SportCenter.  


Apr 14, 2014
@ 6:12 am
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Another Heartbleed analogy, coming atcha!  This time using the show that’s not as good as the old Simpsons episodes, but is way better than the new Simpsons episodes… Futurama!

During the battle of Spheron 1, all males of Earth are drafted into military service under the incompetent Zapp Brannigan.  Each day Zapp screens the new recruits.  Despite the fact that she’s far more athletic and military-competent than any of her peers, the one-eyed Leela is denied entry into the service because she is female. 

That’s the Heartbeat.

Worrying for Fry and Bender’s safety, Leela disguses herself as a man named “Lee-Lo” and attaches an extra googly-eye to her forehead.  Zapp Brannigan is unable to see through this brilliant disguise and allows “him” to join the military.  With access to proprietary military information, Leela is quickly able to extract Bender and Fry, saving their lives. 

There’s your Heartbleed.  Now let’s all start talking about how “Jurassic Bark” is the saddest episode of any television series.